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" How to innovate?... It is not an easy challenge!  This year we wanted to pay tribute to the pocket watch but pocket watches are [traditionally] made in silver and the problem of silver is tarnish - we have therefore used a new material called Argentium."

                                              - Carlos Rossili (CEO Bell & Ross)


WW1 Argentium Pocket Watch

- Bell & Ross 

What our customers are saying...

" Argentium Silver not only saves our business time as we do not have to worry about silver plating, it also offers a competitve edge in today's commercial marketplace.  Our customers understand that they are receiving high quality jewellery items, made in a unique precious metal.  We stamp all of our pieces with the Argentium Flying Unicorn."             

                                                           - Eternal Silver London

" Only the new silver alloy Argentium allows Schullin to produce silver jewelry in a new material quality. Silver can finally be called a real precious metal."  

                                                      -  Herbert Schullin                

Jewellery from the

'It's Silver' Collection

- Schullin

Twisted Heart Necklace

- Eternal Silver London

Dew Edged Earrings

Argentium Silver & 22ct Gold

- Cynthia Eid

" Argentium Silver frees me from the tedious hassles of firescale, it also saves me time because my work rarely needs repolishing.  Granulation and fusing have become features of my work as Argentium Silver fuses to every metal that I have tried.  I can make light whimsical earrings sturdier by heat-hardening them in a toaster oven.  Creating with Argentium Silver is simply easier and more fun!"                  

                                                                            - Cynthia Eid

" I used to make this earring only in special spring golds, but can now produce it in silver, thanks to the development Argentium Silver."   

                                                      - David Worcester                

Tension-set Diamond Earrings

- David Worcester

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