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Argentium International are committed to continued research and development of our Argentium Silver alloys.

With this objective always in mind, we are delighted to introduce Argentium 940, which is not only compatible with our existing and well-tried Argentium 935, but now also addresses the matter of heat distortion at higher temperatures, which some silversmiths may have encountered and indeed struggled with for certain assemblies in the past.

The photograph below compares the differences between standard Sterling silver, Argentium 935 and Argentium 940. The large increase in the solidus melting point of Argentium 940 compared with Argentium 935, is responsible for the improved high temperature stability.

Note: All three strips were torch heated until the solder melted (720°C). The solder was included to ensure each sample was heated to the same temperature. Test sheet thickness - 0.5mm.

Our new test data (below) illustrates the much shorter melting range of Argentium 940, This has resulted in our new 940 alloy being more stable at red heat and indeed makes Argentium 940 perform in a similar way to standard 925 Sterling silver - with a raft of additional benefits that 925 Sterling can never match.


Argentium 935: 830°C 905°C 75°C

Argentium 940: 860°C 895°C 35°C

Argentium 940 exceeds the superior benefits of Argentium 935, including a new working strength that jewellers and silversmiths will love and appreciate.

New Metallurgical Advance
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