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Argentium International is delighted to announce a new alliance with world leading alloy technologists Legor Group Spa, who have been appointed as the exclusive worldwide manufacturers of our acclaimed high performance Argentium Silver grain.

Collaboration between the two companies has already seen significant developments with Argentium 960 and also leading to our new 940 alloys. Each having changes in composition leading to improved grain structure - giving even greater tarnish resistance and increased hardness and durability. Argentium Silver grain has been rigorously tested, and its quality will continue to be monitored and controlled in production by the outstanding facilities at Legor.

Argentium’s creator Peter Johns and Legor’s R&D and Product Manager Andrea Friso, are unanimous in their delight at the new technical developments.

Significant changes have been made in the branding of the new alloys, giving a stronger and clearer marketing message for Argentium Silver.

ARGENTIUM EXCEL™ 940 and 960 from Legor Group Spa offers a range of unique benefits to consumers and manufacturers alike. These high performance alloys are available for investment casting and millform grain for sheet and wire - answering all possible manufacturing requirements, and are supported by soldering and welding materials, along with a range of findings and chains. Significant technical improvements have been achieved with the new Argentium 940 by increasing the solidus melting point. The alloy retains all the benefits of Argentium but now with the same high temperature stability associated with standard sterling silver for ease of manufacturing. The composition of Argentium 960 has been changed to give even better tarnish resistance, good hardness and outstanding hypoallergenic properties for those with sensitive skin.

Signing this new agreement, Ken Mannering, Head of International Business Development at Argentium International commented, “We are truly delighted by the developments that have resulted from this new collaboration with Legor. Argentium is the robust, high performance, hypoallergenic silver it has always been, and it is also now supported by Legor’s technical expertise, international sales and distribution, as well as new ‘in-market’ material supply around the globe. The last year has shown that collaboration and in-market support is now more important than ever – in-market stock availability will not only improve customers supply lead times but will also reduce the environmental impact of multiple small shipments. We have great expectations and hopes for the worldwide growth of our business with Legor.”

Antonio Poliero, Head of Sales and Technical Support at Legor commented, “Legor are providing top-quality R&D to keep improving the alloys, with improved service and technical support to Argentium customers throughout the world. Argentium’s partnership with Legor and the development of ‘ARGENTIUM EXCEL’, gives our customers the best experience and the certainty that their product will always perform to the fullest potential.”

Legor Group’s ‘Premium Silver Line’ now offers a comprehensive portfolio of silver products to support every designer, consumer and manufacturer’s need.

For further information please contact Sara Rigon - Email:

Argentium International are committed to continued research and development of our Argentium Silver alloys.

With this objective always in mind, we are delighted to introduce Argentium 940, which is not only compatible with our existing and well-tried Argentium 935, but now also addresses the matter of heat distortion at higher temperatures, which some silversmiths may have encountered and indeed struggled with for certain assemblies in the past.

The photograph below compares the differences between standard Sterling silver, Argentium 935 and Argentium 940. The large increase in the solidus melting point of Argentium 940 compared with Argentium 935, is responsible for the improved high temperature stability.

Note: All three strips were torch heated until the solder melted (720°C). The solder was included to ensure each sample was heated to the same temperature. Test sheet thickness - 0.5mm.

Our new test data (below) illustrates the much shorter melting range of Argentium 940, This has resulted in our new 940 alloy being more stable at red heat and indeed makes Argentium 940 perform in a similar way to standard 925 Sterling silver - with a raft of additional benefits that 925 Sterling can never match.


Argentium 935: 830°C 905°C 75°C

Argentium 940: 860°C 895°C 35°C

Argentium 940 exceeds the superior benefits of Argentium 935, including a new working strength that jewellers and silversmiths will love and appreciate.

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